About Us - Mission and Values


The waves in the background reflect the local area and the recreational water sports for which the area is renowned. They speak of our connection with the local community and our desire, as a school community, to contribute to the area in which we live and work. The Cross is at the heart of the crest as it reminds us of who we are, a Christian school with an Anglican tradition. The cross is an ecumenical symbol of Christian faith and foundational to Christian faith.


Our motto, “In Christ Alone” draws us to consider the Cross again. The Cross, historically, was an instrument of punishment and death. It is “In Christ Alone” that the Cross became a symbol of new life, of hope and eternal salvation. For those of our College community who claim a Christian faith we are acknowledging that “In Christ Alone” we find forgiveness once and for all and the strength and wisdom that we need for daily living.


“In Christ alone we are building a learning community, dedicated to excellence and equipping to serve.” Our mission statement affirms our Christian faith tradition, our commitment to lifelong learning at all levels within the community, our desire to see all students achieve personal excellence and our belief that we should prepare students for life beyond the college in which they will have opportunities to serve local, national and international communities.


During 2009 our Annual Conference focused on Values. Including submissions from a range of parents and students all staff of the College considered values that reflect our mission. The working drew together the thoughts of the community to establish the following core Values:

Faith -  Wisdom -  Compassion -  Respect