Junior School - Crusaders

Crusaders is an exciting program that runs during lunchtime once a week. It is a fun and engaging time of fellowship and friendship. Crusaders operates two different groups within the Junior School; Kindergarten to Year 2 and a Years 3 to 6 to meet the specific needs of each age group. Both groups are run by a dedicated team of teachers and consolidate concepts learned in weekly Chapel and Christian Studies lessons. Attendance is voluntary. In K-2 Crusaders, the focus is on God’s plan for the world from the beginning of creation and how Jesus rescued His people by offering the gift of salvation and eternal life. It uses many traditional Bible stories presented to the students through a range of different media and experiences. Music is an integral part of K-2 Crusaders to remind us of Bible verses and concepts and Colin Buchanan music videos are an all time favourite.

Prayer is also fundamental to Crusaders and is an opportunity for students to learn how Jesus teaches us to pray in a supportive and caring environment. In 3-6 Crusaders, the aim is to foster the relationship students have with God in a supportive and encouraging setting. The weekly topic is based on the studies written for upper primary Crusaders to encourage a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and to assist students negotiate the world around them. Prayer is encouraged in smaller groups where students can support and nurture each other. Crusaders is a fabulous opportunity to meet new friends, have fun and learn more about Jesus and His plan for us.

CRU Break

A CRU day camp for students Kindergarten to Year 6 and is held over three days during school holidays.

In 2017 Shellharbour Anglican College hosted its first CRU Break during the January holiday period.  It was a great opportunity for students to catch up with friends over the holiday break, make new friends, take part in fun activities and enjoy delicious food!

Details of future CRU Breaks will be advertised in our College Newsletter.