Senior School - Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is a very important part of what we do at Shellharbour Anglican College. The school’s pastoral care structure aims to provide individualised care for students, opportunities for developing student leadership, peer support and a real sense of belonging and community. Each of these factors contribute to producing well-rounded, positive young adults and good citizens for the wider community.

The pastoral care structure caters for all students, not just those experiencing difficulties for a time and it also provides students with avenues for self-expression and success outside of the classroom.

Pastoral care in the Senior School

The aims of the pastoral care structure are to strive for these ideals through the following means:

Tutor group

Each student is in a vertical tutor group which may include students from Years 7 through to Year 12. The tutor is the main person responsible for their pastoral care. The Tutor Group meets regularly to enable the tutor to get to know each member of their group very well through a wide range of activities such as informal conversations, diary inspections, devotions, discussion of important issues, games, group celebrations and much more. In this way a tutor builds rapport with the members of their group and is able to guide them, correct them and positively affirm them on a regular basis.

Head of House

The Head of House has a special role in the area of pastoral care in looking after the welfare of the students in their House group. They provide an important channel of communication between the student and classroom teacher and home and school and also focus on the particular needs of the whole House group.

Coordinator of Pastoral Care

Oversees pastoral care in the Senior school and supports the Heads of Houses in their care of each student within the House.

Outdoor Education

The College’s Outdoor Education Program has a very strong focus on challenge and overcoming fears, friendship, teamwork and support of others. Students from Years 5 through to 10 will be engaged in Outdoor Education and it is considered an integral part of our pastoral care system.

For these reasons it is a compulsory activity for all students. Year 11 are involved in a Retreat during the Outdoor Education period and this is tailored towards preparation for the HSC year.