Senior School - BYODD@SAC

Shellharbour Anglican College introduced its BYODD (Bring Your Own Designated Device) program into the Senior School for Years 7 and Years 9 in 2014. The College's designated device is the iPad.

Through this program the College is aiming to improve student engagement and learning outcomes for all students. In addition, we aim to develop the ICT skills that will assist students in their future lives and careers.

The BYODD program now includes the use of iPads for Year 7 through to 10 and from 2016 students in Years 11 & 12 will be able to use an iPad and/or a laptop due to the increased production demands in the senior years of their schooling.

 The College has an excellent ICT team who play a crucial role in providing a high standard of access to ICT across the College.  The ICT Services Desk provides support for all students and staff with their devices and a lunch time group run in the library to assist students with their devices.

Students have access to the College Network and the Internet for educational purposes. Furthermore, electronic copies of textbooks will be uploaded for most subjects. Eventually the majority of subjects offered at the College will use electronic textbooks. Students are required to purchase apps (applications) to be used in class for a variety of teaching and learning activities. The list of mandatory apps is available for download below. Students are required to purchase/download these apps through their iTunes account prior to commencing School in 2016.

Attached below is information to assist parents and students with their Information and Communication Technology use. Of particular note are the two User Agreement Policies that both students and parents must read, sign and submit to the student's Tutor at the commencement of the College Year.

The College provides student lockers to store their device in when they are not in use. Students are to provide their own combination lock. 

Additional information: