At Shellharbour Anglican College, we equip students for life, not just exams.

We offer an authentic education that goes beyond the classroom. It’s about equipping students with the skills they need to thrive in life. Our goal? To nurture problem-solvers, change-makers and individuals who make their own mark on the world. The adventure of learning starts here.

Early Learning

Where our youngest curious minds can explore, discover and grow in an environment of inquiry and play-based learning. Our Prep program is specifically designed to engage our youngest learners and get them ready to start Kindergarten at the College the following year.

Junior School

For children in Kindergarten to Year 6, our Junior School is a wonderful place to learn, play and grow. Your child will start their journey of discovery and growth, developing the skills to learn and finding their place in the world. It’s about forming connections, experiencing the adventure of learning and establishing a strong foundation for future schooling.

Senior School

For students in Years 7 to 12, our Senior School marks a time of significant growth into maturity, as students embark on a journey to becoming young men and women who will make their own mark on the world. Within a strong Christian context, your child will start to understand themselves and the world around them.

Learning for Hope Framework

We have a dynamic vision for the future to transform learning at the College. Our unique Learning for Hope Framework aims to deepen student learning so that students can serve the greater community, address global challenges and flourish in a complex world. It’s a vision that perfectly complements our Christian foundation, embedding our faith in Christ through learning.

Christian Education

Christian values live at the heart of our school community. This creates an environment of belonging and connectedness, where your child will be empowered to live with purpose and make a difference in the world. It’s a community of hope, purpose and joy.