Christian Education

Faith is at the heart of what we do. It’s the glue that binds our community together.

Our values promote the Christian faith and we’re proud to be a place where every family, regardless of their religious background, can find hope, joy and purpose. Our Christian values empower students to make a difference in their community and beyond.

Shellharbour Anglican College is an inclusive Christian school. We welcome families of all faith backgrounds and those who do not have any religious background at all. Yet faith remains one of our core values and so we seek to provide opportunities for all students to understand and appreciate the Biblical Christianity that is our foundation.

Our founders’ vision was to provide a high quality, accessible Christian education to serve the Illawarra region. They sought to create a thriving community to raise compassionate, respectful and caring young men and women who will make a positive difference in their community and beyond.

We believe the message and teachings of the Bible provide hope, joy and purpose. Our students will discover that a life lived in service to others enriches themselves and those around them.

The details

  • Students attend weekly Chapel services to relate to and learn about God and our world.
  • Formal Christian Education lessons throughout the learning journey. Students will embrace ethical and spiritual questions as well as the teachings of Jesus.
  • Service learning, social action and fundraising initiatives provide opportunities for students to express our core values of faith, wisdom, compassion and respect.
  • Faith is embedded into the life of the College, with a focus on creating community and developing a sense of purpose.

Our Mission

“In Christ alone we are building a learning community, dedicated to excellence and equipping to serve.”

  • In Christ alone – our Christian faith is foundational to our community.
  • We are building a learning community – highlighting our commitment to developing a community of lifelong learners (both staff and students).
  • Dedicated to excellence – not simply academic excellence but a focus on personal growth and bringing out the best in every student.
  • Equipping to serve – reflects our commitment to developing young men and women who are equipped to serve others and think beyond themselves.