Early Learning

Our Prep program is where our youngest curious minds can explore, discover and grow in an environment of inquiry and play-based learning. It’s where learning comes to life.  

The details

  • Designed for children who will start Kindergarten the following year at the College
  • Prepares children for formal schooling.
  • Open to children turning four before March 1.
  • Maximum class size = 28.
  • Three-day class – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Two-day class – Thursday and Friday.

Why choose Prep?

  • Access to campus facilities and specialist teachers.
  • NSW Board of Studies Early Stage 1 syllabus delivered by university qualified teachers.
  • Excellent preparation for formal schooling.
  • Specifically designed environment to promote play-based learning (indoor and outdoor).
  • Warm, inclusive Christian community. Prep students participate in many school activities and develop a strong sense of belonging to the College.
  • Flexibility for parents – three or two-day program available.
  • Before and After School care available on site.
  • Small class sizes.

The Adventure of Learning

A curriculum that is designed for four year-olds, our learning program features play-based learning, directed teaching and inquiry and exploration to satisfy the curiosity of our youngest learners. A day in Prep is flexible and varied so that students can learn at their own pace and in a variety of ways. While our curriculum is formal and draws from the Early Years Learning Framework and features the Macquarie University Initial Early Literacy Program, it’s designed to be fun. Play-based learning is so important for our youngest minds. It grows social skills, vocabulary and resilience and encourages a rich curiosity about the world. It’s how the magic of learning comes to life.

A day at Prep

A day in Prep is flexible and varied, catering to the needs of each child. You can expect:

Morning meetingdiscussion, reflection and ideas.
Outside playclimbing, water and sand play, exploring, gardening.
Inside playblocks, role-playing, craft, puzzles, literacy and numeracy games.
Independent playfree time!
Literacy books, news, stories, library learning and borrowing.
Group timebelonging, sharing, wondering, listening.
Artpainting, craft, creativity.
Musicsongs, music making and self-expression.

The environment

The Prep learning environment has been purpose-built to meet the specific needs of our youngest learners. Our outdoor learning space features a natural bush setting, vegetable gardens, mazes and trees for climbing. It’s an environment that promotes play, safe risk-taking and exploration. A place full of wonder, discovery and challenge. On the inside, you’ll find light, bright colourful classrooms, flexible learning spaces and outstanding facilities. Your child’s work will proudly be on display. It’s a celebration of learning.